Our mission is to scale the psychology of positive leadership for the benefit of humanity…
whether it be in workplaces, education, communities or in sports.

Our programs integrate the same unique methodologies for enabling what we call 10X Leadership, and each program is adapted to distinct user groups.

Just imagine for one second… that your organization is powered by 10X Leaders

Think of two individuals of the same age and similar backgrounds. One of them is flourishing: full of energy, engaged, and focused. The other is floundering: physically and mentally exhausted, disengaged, unmotivated, and drifting.

We all know the difference in their output isn’t a likely to be a few percentage points, it is more likely to be a factor of 10. We refer to these flourishing individuals as 10X leaders. 10X leaders are much more likely to succeed and, by bringing out the best in others, help their teams and organizations flourish.

Everyone’s a leader in the disaggregated world

The questions of flourishing and leadership development have always been important. But in today’s world, these questions are critical because our work environments have become disaggregated. Traditional work environments provided stability and structure, but these cocooning environments are disappearing fast.

So every worker is being left to figure out for themselves how to make the most of their life, both at work and outside work.
As a result, self-leadership is becoming essential to have any chance of success and well-being. The very qualities of a 10X leader have become central to success and well-being, as well an essential driver of performance in every organization.

10X Leadership in the disaggregated world means more performance, profits and success. Just imagine what your organization can be like if it is made up of 10X leaders!

In our research we studied the behaviors of 10X leaders as well as the environments they operate in to better understand what is behind their flourishing. We drew on Positive Psychology—the science of human flourishing—to provide us with the ingredients that make up 10X leadership.

Five main categories emerged, which make up the acronym SHARP: Strengths, Health, Absorption, Relationships, and Purpose. The categories and behaviors that emerged are by no means the only ones that matter, but they do provide us with the most useful guidelines, the most practical tools, for becoming 10X leaders.

The SHARP framework encapsulates the science (and the seeming magic) behind the productivity, wellbeing, and ultimate success of those 10X leaders. More importantly, SHARP can help to realize, to make real, the potential for flourishing that exists within each and every person.

One of the common misperceptions about human change is that people can shift mindsets in the way that you flick a switch. In fact Behavioral Science tells us a different story: people change their behaviors over time if they go through a very specific process of change that involves encountering new things, experimenting, making defining choices, overcoming obstacles and finally ritualizing. Potentialife embeds this science of behavioral change directly in our leadership development program thanks to our unique EXPLOR methodology.