How We Work

Typically there are three simple steps we follow working with organizations:

We’ll arrange a time to meet with you, your leadership and HR team to provide a full overview of the science behind the program, how it fits together in practice, the impact it delivers as well as how it works from a commercial standpoint. We’ll demo the online platform and smartphone app and answer any questions you have. This typically takes between 60 and 90 minutes.
Once you’ve established the impact that Potentialife can have for your organization it’s important we take some time together to“match” the program to your organizational goals and strategic aspirations. We’ll also identify together the cohorts that you will select for the program. We insist on measurable impact and it is important to agree on the KPIs that we will track throughout the program so that you can see the ROI on your people investment. All in, this will allow us to tailor the program for your organization.
Then it’s time to launch the program! You may choose to do this in a staged way, cohort-by-cohort – or all at once. As you’ll see, the Potentialife Leadership program is a blend of high touch and high tech – and for every cohort we start with a half day in-person Kick Off session led by one of our senior professionals. Over the course of an energetic four hours we’ll introduce the science behind the program, demonstrate the impact on offer and set everyone up to hit the ground running the moment they leave the room. Your leadership will also have a role to play on the day – introducing the program and its role in enabling your overall strategy.

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