603, 2017

Stay SHARP – Around the World: Where breathing and awareness meet

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One of the simplest ways to characterize India – the geography I lead for Potentialife – could be to say that it is the country where breathing and awareness meet. And I’m not being pompous: for at least 2,500 years, different Indian spiritual traditions have made mindful breathing their cornerstone. I would like to talk about two ancient practices that exemplify how breathing can take awareness to a different level.

In the first one, Prāṇāyāma (Sanskrit for yogic breathing), breathing is 1) regulated (one mentally inhale, say up to […]

401, 2017

Stay SHARP – In Focus: Create rituals – achieve your New Year’s resolutions!

Start on January 1

There is much research that suggests that change—learning new tricks, introducing a new behavior, or replacing old habits—is extremely hard. Most attempts at change, whether by individuals or organizations, fail. In their book on The Power of Full Engagement Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz provide a different way of thinking about change: they suggest that instead of focusing on cultivating self-disciplineas a means toward change, we need to introduce rituals.

Initiating a ritual is often difficult, but maintaining it is relatively easy. For most of us, brushing our […]

912, 2016

Stay Sharp – Tell Me More: Give a little, keep a lot

Jez Rose at TEDxMiltonKeynes

Jez is a professional speaker, internationally renowned behaviourist, author and media personality. In this TEDx talk, he explores the perceptions of ourselves and whether we see ourselves as generous or greedy. He also discusses how we can be generous to others and ourselves simultaneously.

912, 2016

Stay SHARP – In Focus: Egoism and Altruism Unite!


Bridging the gap between two seeming opposites — egoism and altruism, between concern for oneself and concern for others — is easier than you might think. We have been designed to care about other people, and consequently that we enjoy helping others. In fact, contributing to other people’s welfare is one of the most powerful sources of meaning in life.

The fact that we derive joy and meaning, both pleasure and a sense of purpose, from caring for others is innate. New York University psychologist Martin Hoffman and other researchers […]

1510, 2016

Stay SHARP – In Focus: Promoting meaningful conflict in the office


Conflict is an inevitable element of human relationships. Conflict exists in every organization, and to a certain extent – promotes a healthy exchange of ideas and creativity. Conflict can arise from managing differing perspectives and what would appear to be incompatible concerns. The moment we accept that conflict is a natural part of our emotional landscape, it becomes easier to manage than if we expect it to disappear and never reemerge.

Of course, simply accepting conflict doesn’t solve the problem. Conflict can result in employee dissatisfaction, reduced productivity, […]