208, 2016

Stay SHARP – In Focus: The benefits of high intensity interval training


It’s Olympics time and many of us are about to find ourselves watching some of the world’s finest athletes in action. We may not be at Olympic level – but that won’t stop us wondering how our own exercise regimes shape up.

In recent months, I have been looking at the research on this for my own fitness and I have been surprised at the mounting evidence in favor of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). HIIT is based on the principle of rapidly repeated physical exertion followed by recovery. So for example, rather than […]

1407, 2016

Angus Ridgway – Co-Founder and CEO of Potentialife gets featured in “InterContinental – Finance & Law” magazine


0714 PL - ICF+L full magazine (1)

Are banks investing in the right initiatives? 

Angus Ridgway – Co-Founder and CEO of Potentialife gets featured in “InterContinental – Finance & Law” magazine as Potentialife offers an investment opportunity to develop and retain talent in an increasingly competitive labour market in the financial sector.
0714 PL - ICF+L full magazine (14 v2)

507, 2016

SHARP Stories: James Lochrin on why he thinks you’re a movie star – and what makes a purposeful experience


Every month, we sit down with a leader who has participated in the Potentialife Leadership Program to see what SHARP actually looks like when it’s applied in practice. This month, we caught up with James Lochrin, Associate in the venture team at the leading international investment fund, Island Capital.


Q: “The Absorption Modules in Potentialife focus on how mindfulness has a major impact on how we experience life. Did that resonate for you?”

JL: “Yes, absolutely. It’s probably been one of the biggest mindset shifts I’ve made as a result of Potentialife.  I would […]

507, 2016

Stay Sharp – Tell Me More: The science of smarter spending

Harvard Business School Professor Michael Norton explains why spending money on new experiences yields more happiness than spending it on new products.

Watch the video to find out why Norton believes that taking a trip yields more happiness than, say, buying a necklace…

507, 2016

Stay SHARP – In Focus: Prioritize experiences over material purchases

Hot Air BalloonsEven though our generation—in most Western countries as well as in increasing number of places in the East—is wealthier than previous generations, we are not happier for it. In fact, while levels of material prosperity are on the rise, so are levels of depression and anxiety. A leading scholar in the field of positive psychology, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi, asks a simple question with a complex answer: “If we are so rich, why aren’t we happy?”

So is money futile when it comes to the pursuit of happiness? Not at […]