407, 2016

Business Insider: 5 ways to be happy in the face of looming global disaster

With so much change and concern in the world, Business Insider asked Tal for our top tips on how to stay happy in the face of bad news. See below




With Britain taking the drastic step of leaving the most successful peace project Europe has ever seen, the rise of the most divisive presidential candidate in recent US history, and persistent attacks by the terrorist group ISIS,keeping up with current affairs has become increasingly depressing.

So, Business Insider spoke to Tal Ben-Shahar — author of

306, 2016

SHARP Stories : Hugo MacNeill on psychological safety and the best game of his life

Every month, we sit down with a leader who has participated in the Potentialife Leadership Program to see what SHARP actually looks like when it’s applied in practice. This month, we caught up with Hugo MacNeill, MD of Goldman Sachs, and a former Irish & Lions rugby international.

hugo macneill

Q: Hugo, what was it about the Relationship modules in Potentialife that resonated for you?

Psychological safety might be a grand term – but what it means in practice is pretty simple: making sure everyone in the team feels respected, cared for and listened to

HM: It articulated something […]

206, 2016

Stay SHARP: Building a psychologically safe workplace – Amy Edmondson’s Ted Talk

Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson, defines psychological safety as a ‘shared belief held by members of a team that the team is safe for interpersonal risk-taking. It describes a team climate characterized by interpersonal trust and mutual respect in which people are comfortable being themselves. There is a sense of confidence that the team will not embarrass, reject or punish someone for speaking up’

Here is a Ted Talk by Amy Edmenson in which she elaborates more in detail on psychological safety.

206, 2016

Stay SHARP: Reading the Mind in the Eyes test

A key component of creating psychological safety is to be able to gage the feelings of your team. For instance, whether someone feels nervous, agitated, or overwhelmed. Recognizing these emotions is the first step towards creating a safe environment for all team members.

The Reading the Mind in the Eyes test is used to gage a person’s social sensitivity

Click here to try the test for yourself


106, 2016

Stay SHARP: Have Google discovered the secret ingredient to team performance? – Tal Ben Shahar

Google are trailblazers in many ways, including the resources they devote to research on their own organisational performance. The emergence of big “real” data from organisations like Google, or indeed Potentialife’s clients, makes this a fascinating time for psychologists and practitioners. Google’s latest initiative is particularly interesting. In 2012 Google launched Project Aristotle to study hundreds of Google’s team in order to figure out what differentiated the stars from the strugglers.

The New York Times have covered the project and its findings in depth in this fantastic article What Google learned from its quest to build the […]