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Our Mission

Our mission is to scale the science of flourishing – of leadership – for the benefit of humanity…whether it be in workplaces, education, communities or in sports. We deliver this mission through a suite of Potentialife programs, each of which targets a specific segment. The rest of this website focuses on the Leadership program for organizations. Below is a description of our other programs:



The Potentialife Sports program is delivered to professionals in sports associations to achieve higher levels of performance in the world of sport. Sport has become driven by an array of volunteers and remote working professionals. In such environments, it is individual leadership that increasingly drives organizational performance. For further information please contact us.

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The not-for-profit Potentialife Communities project is aimed at helping whole communities achieve higher levels of flourishing and self-actualization. These communities can be either of a geographic nature (for example inner-city groups) or of an ethnic nature, and our unique approach uses technology to make it possible to reach deep within the community to make lasting positive change a reality. For further information please contact us.

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The not-for-profit Potentialife Schools program is delivered to school children through participating schools and school systems. More than 20,000 kids in four countries have been through the program, and we have achieved astounding impact on measures such as self-efficacy, self-confidence as well as grades. For further information, including a copy of a peer-reviewed report on the impact achieved to date, please contact us.

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