At Potentialife, we help organizations deliver their leadership strategies by driving the development of peak performance behaviors in their employees. By combining the latest research in positive psychology, the science of behavioral change and a data driven technology platform, we have created a truly innovative technology-enabled process for scaling up the behaviors that will allow your organization to win in a constantly changing world. Through a multi month process, program participants undertake a carefully orchestrated series of behavioral experiments. These experiments allow them to trial, practice and ritualize the daily behaviors that reflect the most productive, resilient and agile leaders of today. 

The Team

Angus Ridgway

Angus’ interest in leadership came from his astonishment at the diversity of leadership profiles he saw in clients and colleagues during his 20 year career in management consulting. At McKinsey & Company, he both led the Strategy Practice in Europe, Middle East and Africa, overseeing the work of over 1,000 colleagues, as well the Firm’s Partner Leadership Development function globally, where he helped to design and implement intervention programs to foster the development of leadership behaviors of 1500 fellow Firm Partners.

Tal Ben-Shahar

Tal is the author of the international best sellers Happier and Being Happy, which have been translated into more than 25 languages. He also taught two of the most popular courses in Harvard University's history on “Positive Psychology” and "The Psychology of Leadership" with a total of over 1,400 students. He has consulted and lectured around the world to executives on topics including leadership, education, ethics, happiness, self-esteem, resilience, goal setting, and mindfulness.



Case Studies

Explore the organizations and meet the people who have experienced the Potentialife program. Our case studies span a range of industries, sizes and strategic needs - but are united by a focus on practical behavioural change - at a personal, team and organizational level.

What makes us unique?

The Participant Journey

The program is designed to make deep-reaching and lasting behavioural change possible across your organization


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Ed Short


Marita Lekmo
VP, Sweden

marita.lekmo@potentialife .com

Kerrin Miller
VP, Africa


Danielle Jacobs
VP, Australia & New Zealand


Cyrille Kozyreff
VP, India


Conor O'Meara
VP, North America


Conor O'Meara
VP, Latin America


Luis Javier Castro
VP, Costa Rica & Columbia


Suvit (Dev) Chansrichawla
VP, Thailand


Tor Mesoy
VP, China


Arik Praisman
VP, Israel