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Sharp Stories

Every day we hear from participants around the globe on how Potentialife has changed their personal and working lives. With each story normally relating directly to one area of our 5-way SHARP framework, we call these SHARP Stories. You can browse them below to see what the program actually delivers in practice.

SHARP Stories: Andy from Yodel describes his new sense of control when managing a busy workload.

I think the piece that had the biggest effect on my team, self and family was that I was always so busy, with work, professional development, sport, social life and social media, cramming in family time, house chores etc, and then during module 3, we were presented by ​Tal the “purposeful life versus the perfect life”, the result of taking stock of the time to complete everything I wanted to do in a week was life changing. I recognised that filling my life with all of these activities was in fact making me tired, stressed and unhappy, so I took the time to analyse what needed to change.

SHARP Stories: Finding opportunities for healthy living in every workday

The most important discovery I have made since starting the programme was during ‘Experiment Health’ when I realised how depleted my energy levels become when I sit in an office all day at work. The most positive changes I have made are to have walks and talks outside instead of meetings indoors and sitting outside to answer my emails as fresh air and movement restore my energy levels significantly.

SHARP Stories: Working with organisations to engage all leaders

Completing the LifeMap App second time around is very interesting. I find you self-analyse as you record each activity and you understand each of the quotients far better. I discovered how disengaged I was on the drive to work. I really enjoy what I do and have realised that without the drive to work I could not do what I enjoy so much, so am now more mindful of the benefits of the drive to work

SHARP Stories: Building a better Sainsbury's based on your strengths

I am seeing how many opportunities are going by in a day that involve me not working to my strengths. Identifying that is really helping my levels of absorption and flow. I feel as though identifying strengths is a big 'unlocker' for the entire programme – it’s liberating to pursue those and find opportunities to use them in surprising places.