Just Do It: Rest and Recovery

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What are the small change you can introduce to help increase the impact of you rest & recovery? Research demonstrates how the most high-performing leaders punctuate their days with periods of rest and recovery, to help them refocus, recharge and get ready for the next opportunity. 

We've outlined some small changes you can enact today. Let us know your thoughts on "Just Do It", and share any other suggestions you may have on our social media, or with your Potentialife team at work. 


  1. Schedule in 15 minutes to get some fresh air after every 90 minutes period of work. To achieve high productivity, you should take a break every 90 minutes. Research from business leaders has shown that this routine allows you to maintain high energy levels throughout the day. Why not use the recovery time to get some fresh air and go for a short walk? Schedule in a 15 minute break into your calendar after completing 90minutes of focused work. 

  2. Move your phone charger away from your bedside table. Sleep is integral to our functioning during the day and shouldn’t be taken for granted. How often has time on your phone whilst you’re lying in bed eaten into valuable time you could be spending on getting rest? You cannot skip sleep; you can only borrow against it.

  3. Turn off your phone or switch off notifications when you arrive home. Recovering from the stresses of work is vital and enables you to be productive throughout the day. Any time spent looking at work updates on your phone will disrupt your recovery and impact your ability to maintain energy levels in the office.

  4. Develop a Routine Around Going To Bed. Your body needs to prepare itself before it can shut down for a good night’s sleep. Developing a routine around going to bed, such as dimming the brightness of screens, and setting a reminder to start getting ready for bed, can help develop a ritual around getting to bed, and getting more impactful recovery time.