Potentialife co-founders release "The Joy of Leadership"

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The co-founders of Potentialife, Angus Ridgway and Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar have released "The Joy of Leadership", which is available globally on the 7th of August 2017. After working with organisations to transform their people, cultures and strategy through the science of flourishing, "The Joy of Leadership" brings together the science, stories and situations that have made Potentialife a success. 

The Joy of Leadership focuses highlights how the difference between flourishing and floundering is 10X. The difference between quantity and quality is a factor of 10. The difference in levels of engagement is exponential. People functioning at the highest level are what the authors call 10x leaders. Research on these leaders consistently brought up five major strengths. This book teaches readers to become a 10x leader using these five key areas, the SHARP framework.

  • Strengths10X leaders stop trying to eliminate weaknesses and learn to focus on their strengths 
  • Health10X leaders stop trying to eliminate stress and learn how to integrate periods of restoration 
  • Absorption10X leaders stop waiting for the lightning of focus and creativity to strike and learn how to achieve consistent engagement and presence
  • Relationships10X leaders stop trying to exert power and control and learn to cultivate healthy relationships through positivity and authenticity 
  • Purpose10X leaders stop grinding out tasks and learn how to find meaning and commitment in everything they do

The 10X elixir of peak performance comes not from focusing on just one of these areas, but from learning to light the fire of all five aspects of SHARP and functioning naturally with them on a daily basis. If you just cultivate one or two aspects of leadership skills you are unlikely to succeed. If one of the five isn’t taken care of it affects the performance of the whole. But if you focus on all five areas, you will not only be more likely to find what helps you most, you have the best chance of enjoying the synergy of performance multiplication.

The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble to pre-order now. Wider release is available on August 7th. We at Potentialife are excited to share the science of flourishing, which has transfromed people and organisations globally. Understand and engage with the science of SHARP, behavioural change and leadership development with "The Joy of Leadership". 

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