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Enabling the Growth of Tomorrow at DMW

Challenge: DMW’s top team needed to be equipped to lead the firm into its next stage of growth, facing constant change and delivering excellent client value.

Solution: The program’s grounding in behavioral science was amplified as this resonated deeply with DMW’s people. Role modelling was also built into the program by strategically staggering cohorts for maximum impact.

Impact: DMW won first place in the UK’s “Great Place to Work” Small Business category. As new practices were developed,  DMW was given a common language making their managers “more balanced, self-aware and ready for what comes at them”.

What was needed in DMW?


A leading IT consultancy firm, DMW help international organizations transform their business technology needs. Rapid growth and a shift in strategy necessitated a support system for DMW’s top team to survive and thrive in the face of  change. DMW’s future leaders needed to be equipped to deliver excellent client value, inspire their teams and lead the firm into its next stage of growth.

“We decided to do Potentialife for a few reasons. We wanted to work together better as a senior team - and we wanted to develop our next generation of people into leaders of the future - with a common framework for what it means to be a senior manager of the firm”

Chris Dean,
Managing Director

How could leaders be inspired at DMW?


The leaders at DMW  were strongly aligned with the scientific research the Potentialife program is grounded in. So when Potentialife and DMW designed the program, our SHARP framework was leveraged to create a  new organizational language around what it means to reach your full potential and perform at your peak. DMW’s cohorts were staggered – senior management started the program first, followed by their direct reports, and finally the more junior members of the team. This created the opportunity for those in senior management positions to role-model SHARP behaviors and the program for their colleagues before they began.

“It has resulted in higher performing teams, more satisfied teams, projects have been delivered on time, all of those sorts of things, and it's really because of that energy and investment in building those relationships with people I work with.

Corie Hawkins,
Management Consultant

How did Potentialife impact DMW?

“Focusing on strengths was a light-bulb moment for me. I’ve become more effective with clients on day one and more confident in the work I’m doing.”

Donal Smith,


The leveraging of the SHARP framework as a new organizational language was evident, as significant improvements were felt across all measures of the framework.

On a individual level the program created a sense of personal responsibility and provided very practical tools to improve individual performance. By instilling best practice techniques for motivating and leading, DMW’s managers were empowered to take on greater responsibility. An increase in energy levels was reported, which allowed participants to become more engaged in their work .

On a team level, participants gained  a collective focus on strategic thinking. As new practices were developed,  DMW was given a common language making their managers “more balanced, self-aware and ready for what comes at them”.

“One of the big changes is that, we, as an organization are thinking much more strategically…. That's been a big change compared to before Potentialife.”

Chris Dean,
Managing Director