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Leading a new era of growth at Greencore

Strategic need: following a period of high growth, Greencore recognized the need to invest in their leaders from a position of strength. This would help sustain high performance and set the business up for the next wave of growth in new markets.

Population: The senior 300 leaders from across the UK and US, over a 2-year period.

Impact: With a 99% completion rate on Level 1, Greencore have truly felt the impact of the program across the five areas of the SHARP framework. Specifically, Greencore participants report a 43% increase in the amount of time spent in their peak performance zone, and 53% increase in time spent "in flow". 

What made Potentialife a success at Greencore?


Although you may not recognize Greencore by their name, if you live in the UK, the US or Ireland, it’s highly likely you’re a Greencore customer. Since their establishment in 1991 Greencore has grown into one of the world’s biggest food manufacturers, making white-labeled sandwiches, ready meals and grocery foods for many of the supermarkets and food retailers on our high streets. Growing rapidly both organically and inorganically, Greencore has continued to beat their competitors and increase markets share. 

"The program has served to reaffirm in my mind how I do things. It has provided a clarity and a purpose to what we do as a Group, both collectively and individually."

Patrick Coveney
CEO, Greencore


In 2015, from this position of strength, Greencore recognized the need to invest in their people and ensure that the speed of growth was complemented by a shared culture and set of behaviors across the business. Internally, CEO Patrick Coveney and HRD Phil Taylor, developed and rolled out the Greencore Way and a set of Leadership Competencies that set out what leaders at Greencore should aspire to to achieve their ambitious growth agenda. Led by our then Head of Europe, Daniel Philbin-Bowman, Potentialife got to know Patrick, Phil and his team, as they were working on developing the Greencore Way. Following its successful roll-out, we partnered with Greencore to design a behavioral change program that would support their leaders to live out the Greencore Way in practice.

How have individuals changed at Greencore?

Program Design: 

Over several months, the Potentialife team worked with Phil Taylor and Phil Barnfather at Greencore to design a tailored program that would link the science of performance to the Greencore Way. Together with a third-party workshop provider, Courageous Success, Potentialife designed a 9-month Greencore branded program that combined weekly micro-changes at the individual level with intimate periodic group workshops. The program allowed Greencore to personally support their top 300 leaders to be “the best leaders they can be, anchored in the principles of the Greencore Way”.

"I cannot recommend enough for everyone to take the time to really live Potentialife. The benefits to you as a manager, and person, are extraordinary"

Paul Sagnella, 
Head of Innovation, Greencore


How has life changed at Greencore?

"Overall the program has been confidence building in realizing that I’m on the right path, doing the right things, while recognizing there are subtle changes to be made which can make a big difference"

Melanie Womack
Commercial Director, Greencore


Behavioral change at scale is not easy. And yet, Greencore has had some of the highest engagement rates in history for a program of this magnitude. This was delivered through a combination of intelligent program design, scalable delivery and on the job role-modeling. The behavioral change results are evident, both from the data and from participant SHARP stories. In particular, Greencore participants have seen a 41% increase in the amount of time spent physically active during the program. On an organizational level, Greencore has seen a 31% increase in the amount of time participants are in their peak performance zone, exercising their strengths and performing to their highest ability.