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Creating an Organic Growth Machine at Greencore

Challenge: After rapid inorganic growth through company acquisitions, Greencore was tasked with creating a common culture that would sustain and bolster organic growth.

Solution: A scalable solution was designed combining the science of behavioral change and Greencore’s own leadership framework, The Greencore Way.

Impact: Health metrics dramatically increased leading more productive middle management. In 2016, 82% of employees indicated they were happy working there in Greencore’s engagement survey.

What made Potentialife a success at Greencore?


Since their establishment in 1991, Greencore has grown into one of the world’s largest food manufacturers. WIth 10,000 employees globally, Greencore has rapidly grown through company acquisitions and product expansion in the US market. In 2015, Greencore recognised the need to invest in their people, and develop a shared culture focused on peak performance behaviours across the business.

With a new leadership framework, The Greencore Way, Greencore needed to mobilise their leaders to take action on their growth agenda. However, to empower their leaders they needed to provide them with more than knowledge – a scalable solution was essential to ensure that Greencore’s high performance was sustained.

"The program has served to reaffirm in my mind how I do things. It has provided a clarity and a purpose to what we do as a Group, both collectively and individually."

Patrick Coveney
CEO, Greencore


How have individuals changed at Greencore?


Over 9 months, Potentialife helped Greencore realize The Greencore Way through the science of peak performance. Potentialife combined weekly micro-changes at the individual level with intimate periodic group workshops. These were arranged by a third-party workshop provider, Courageous Success. Our solution enabled Greencore to personally support their top 300 leaders across the UK and US to become “the best leaders they can be, anchored in the principals of The Greencore Way”.


"I cannot recommend enough for everyone to take the time to really live Potentialife. The benefits to you as a manager, and person, are extraordinary"

Paul Sagnella, 
Head of Innovation, Greencore


How has life changed at Greencore?

"Overall the program has been confidence building in realizing that I’m on the right path, doing the right things, while recognizing there are subtle changes to be made which can make a big difference"

Melanie Womack
Commercial Director, Greencore


With an 87% completion rate, the commitment shown from Greencore has led to impressive results. With Greencore’s CEO personally role modelling SHARP behaviors and program results, employees engaged in the strategic need for Potentialife.

On a individual level  participants saw the biggest change in health behaviors,  with 16% increase in feeling energized at work, and 41% increase in physical activity both in and outside of work.

On a team level, participants flourished. The Greencore Way was welcomed across the companies offices,  in the UK, Ireland and USA. By the end of the program Greencore outperformed the industry average in strengths, engagement and positivity – with a 20% increase in strengths being used, a 51% decrease in boredom and a 26% increase in positive interactions.