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Empowering Organizational Reinvention at Yodel

Challenge: To successfully enable a full scale transformation, Yodel needed to create a psychologically safe environment, where people embrace divergent thinking. A space capable of sustaining agile, resilient and motivated people who are on fire every day was essential to.

Solution: Participants were encouraged to take ownership over their own development through personalized modules. The shared experience of doing personalized modules created a common company language that resonated with everyone from the boardroom to the warehouse floor.

Impact: There was an increase in collaboration as relationships between colleagues improved with an increase in both authentic and positive interactions at work of 43% and 22% respectively. This was evident in customer service metrics with a 20% improvement for Yodel on TrustPilot.


As one of the UK’s largest delivery logistics companies, Yodel have always put customers at the heart of their model. However, to realise their goals they had to put their own people at the heart of their strategy. As new leadership stepped in and revamped the direction they were heading – it became clear supporting their people was the best way to deliver a new and improved Yodel. Potentialife needed to equip their people with the tools to create and sustain agile, resilient and motivated people. This was essential to enable their organizational transformation.

"The most striking thing is that Potentialife has evoked more passion in individuals than I've seen many development interventions do in my career"

Mike Cooper
CEO, Yodel


With Potentialife, Yodel designed a program to enable their transformation strategy. Creating a company language that resonated with all levels of the business, meant that participants were immediately able to implement practical solutions. Yodel understood the value of linking individual and team development to the broader organizational context to improve delivery of day-to-day operations. By encouraging each participant to go on a journey of self-reflection, they were encouraged to take ownership over their personal development. Through Potentialife's LifeMap app and personalized modules, the results of the program were felt across Yodel from the boardroom to the warehouse floor.

"On completion of this program I asked my wife to reflect on what she had noticed during the last year, “you have never been so busy, but so calm, engaged and grateful”"

Andy Johnson
Head of Health & Safety


The SHARP model and language quickly became embedded into Yodel’s culture. A focus on collaboration, psychological safety and people-oriented leadership emerged.

On an individual level the program improved relationships by bringing colleagues closer together – demonstrating the program’s emphasis on collective leadership. With a 97% increase in engagement at work, Yodel employees are getting more done, with more energy and in less time.

On a team level, the program’s focus on small changes proved incredibly impactful. A 43% increase in authenticity, and a 22% increase in positivity reflect a bolstered sense of psychological safety at work. Research into psychological safety links it to increased levels of innovation and faster decision making – exactly the type of organization Yodel was hoping to create.

"In my career I've been part of many leadership development programs, and I wasn't sure what was left to learn! Potentialife has been a revelation"

Mike Cooper